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After almost three decades of working in the safety industry, Larry has a unique depth of knowledge and understanding of human error in the workplace, on the road and at home. Larry has polished and refined his delivery with a unique emphasis on humour that allows safety to become a fun, engaging subject. However, he doesn’t let the seriousness of the topic get lost by including moving personal stories and anecdotes that enable the audience to connect with him, and the subject, on a personal and emotional level.


"Best presentation I have ever attended." — Neil Sharpe, Field Services Superintendent   "You kept me awake all day, I hope you are proud of yourself." — Geoff Everette, Oilfield Technician  

Current Speaking Topics

Complacency: The Silent Killer This session will show you that even when people are compliant with safety procedures, aware of hazards and know PPE requirements, injuries still occur. Learn how to efficiently minimize the effects of complacency not only in your workplace but also at home and on the road.
Unlocking the Code to Human Error Traditional safety programs focus on minimizing the consequences of injury-causing errors. But everyday injuries like slips, trips and falls, and strains and sprains still occur. Wouldn’t it be more effective to focus on preventing the injury-causing error in the first place? Unlock the code to human error by changing the way you think about safety.
The 3rd Dimension of Risk Assessment Traditional risk assessments use the probability and severity of a potential injury to determine the overall level of risk. But predicting the probability of occurrence is difficult because risk is constantly shifting due to factors that aren’t captured in a traditional risk assessment. This session will discuss the third dimension—and how to consider it when assessing workplace risks.

Inside Out, The Book

Larry’s book ‘Inside Out’ will teach you how to develop a positive safety culture using inside-out thinking—a culture that begins in the workplace and spreads out to include both the family and the community.

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